24hr Nursing Care at Rubicon

The highly rated Rubicon Frail Care Centre provides professional nursing care and a number of personal care options for the various levels of frailty. Rubicon Care is not only available to Rubicon residents but also to the public.

Our specialised multi-disciplinary team and other professional medical assistance are available on special request, guaranteed to cater promptly and holistically for the physical, social, mental and spiritual needs of our frail and older person.

The Frail Care Centre is a further institutionalised option with 24hr professional nursing care and a number of personal care options.

We acknowledge the residents need of social interaction while still having the option to spend time solely with oneself. This is why we offer a diverse range of options from single units for those seeking ultimate privacy to our assisted living homes with full-time nursing staff on the premises and the benefits of sharing life with other residents, maintaining dignity and friendships and also enjoying the privacy of the private facilitated bedrooms

Rubicon Care offers a significant health status survey instrument. It follows a process whereby the older person’s functional health status is measured on a regular basis. The accumulative score is used to determine, together with the resident’s family, the next appropriate care plan to endure maximum functional level of the resident given the current health status.

Catering is provided by a professional service provider in conjunction with dieticians and health regulations. Nutritious, homely meals are freshly prepared daily. We ensure wholesome quality food. Specialised diets are also catered for